Mado Sports Consortium LLC

Mado Sports Consortium LLC, is a Sports Business Organization, dedicated to the Representation and Administration of Sports Organizations, such as; Mado Scouting International Baseball Sports, Mado Report Deportes Tv, Sports Leagues Live, which is framed at a national and international level, having directionality to the development, preparation and realization of Sports Events for Athletes and Players in the discipline of University & Professional Baseball, and College & Professional Fastpitch Softball, (Female).


Mado Sports Consortium LLC, also has full administration and control of the Mado Report Deportes TV Sports Channel, which is dedicated to the Audiovisual Communication Platforms, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, Telegram, Zoom, Skipe, through which it will be broadcast. National and International Sports Programming, through the Programs: Mado Report Deportes, Conexion Deportiva, Deportes Vinotinto International, Trabuco Deportivo, Dos Quinteto, which would be broadcasting to newspapers at times included and planned by the Sports Channel.


Mado Sports Consortium LLC, has full administration and control in the Sports Organizations, registered in Latin America, which have the following names: Mado Scouting Baseball Venezuela, Mado Scouting Baseball Colombia, which are responsible for the development and preparation of Student Athletes, (University Baseball), and Professional Players, (Professional Baseball MLB).


Mado Sports Consortium LLC, has in its structure the Representation Agency Department, directed High Performance Athletes (University & Professional), in the different disciplines of Baseball & Fastpitch Softball, for the air of Central America, North America, and South America.


Mado Sports Consortium LLC, manages the sports brands called: MADO, Mado20, MADO SPORTS, which will be intended for the sale and distribution of clothing, footwear, and sporting goods.

Odam E. Villegas Ortega

Mado Sports Consortium LLC